Güneybatı Real Estate Appraisal and Consultancy Inc. In Service:

  • Real Estate Appraisal,
  • The valuation of real estates to be taken as collateral by banks and financial institutions,
  • Determination of the fair value for the courts in case of bankruptcy and foreclosure, – Determination of the value of the mortgaged real estates,
  • The valuation of the real estates that the companies working with the dealership will put mortgage for collateral,
  • Valuation of companies’ fixed assets in capital increases.
  • Valuation service of corporate real estate companies during partnership and separation periods
  • Preparation of a report on appraisal, situational and progress payment requirements on loans originated from the Housing Development Administration,
  • All kinds of legal transactions, such as mortgages, submissions, unity, real rights, etc., to be carried out in real estate in the Land Registry Office
  • Providing the preparation of the appraisal reports in accordance with the International Standards by providing documentation from the relevant public institutions and organizations
  • Ensuring that valuation reports are archived and updated for a certain period of time
  • Providing services throughout the country with expert experts all over Turkey
  • It is to serve the above mentioned matters with the principle of not disclosing learned information and professional secrets to third parties without the consent of the employer.

Real Estate Valuation Services:


We evaluate (value) the price appreciation by analyzing the market and environmental conditions of real estate projects, real estate projects or the probable value of the rights and benefits of a real estate at a certain date, independently and objectively, through our valuation specialists with the necessary knowledge and experience.

  • On-site inspection and evaluation of all types of real estate
  • Evaluation of urban transformation areas
  • Evaluation of the investment partnerships to be established and established within the framework of the capital market legislation and the real estate that will enter into the portfolio of mutual funds
  • Valuation of all kinds of insurance companies’ real estate
  • Regulation of the appraisal reports of all types of immovable property
  • Giving the expertise service the courts need
  • Regulation of rental appraisal reports of all kinds of real estate
  • By examining the development plans, the structures that can be built on the land subject to implementation; Evaluation on the projects that specify the type, construction site and independent sections, preparation of project appraisal reports
  • Regularly renewed valuation reports
  • Preparation of opinion reports for problematic real estates

Valuation Services of Machine – Equipment and Other Fixed Assets:

We are evaluating the machinery and equipments as an integral part of the real estates subject to appraisal (Factory and Production Facilities etc.).We can tailor our valuation studies to your intended use and add various values.

  • Fair Market-Market Value
  • Regular Liquidation Value
  • Mandatory Liquidation Value (Usually named as Tender Value)
  • Replacement cost of asset used
  • New Cost of Comparable Assets


Real Estate Consultancy Services (Feasibility – Best and Most Efficient Use Analysis):


Providing consultancy services for all kinds of real estate in the current situation, providing study reports and feasibility studies for all kinds of investment for the project.

We offer solution partnerships to provide you with added value in challenging and complex issues based on extensive field experience and accumulation.

  • Mortgage and secondary market advisory services
  • Providing counseling services for foreign real and legal entities to overcome possible obstacles in buying, selling and investing real estate, fulfilling legal processes
  • Tender – auction basis value analysis
  • Regional and periodic investment analysis
  • Detailed market research
  • Preparation of detailed audit reports (Due – Diligence)
  • Preparing the highest and best usage analysis reportsConcept development applications
  • Preparing feasibility reports
  • Analysis of legal status of real estate and related rights
  • Structure of analyzes of investment and know-how contracts related to real estate
  • Consultancy services on inheritance sharing
  • Consultancy service on Project and Property Management
  • Providing counseling services to municipalities and other public institutions


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