Custom Projects – Investment Consulting

Custom Projects – Investment Consulting

Fizibilite- Custom Projects - Investment Consulting

The custom projects unit specializes in providing comprehensive valuation services to domestic / foreign persons and organizations wishing to invest in real estate, and to organizations engaged in land development development. This unit conducts activities such as real estate valuation, market research, best and most efficient usage analysis, location selection analysis, internal efficiency rate and project turnaround times in accordance with IVS (International Valuation Standards).

Our custom projects – investment consulting unit can provide the following services:

– Valuation of Fixed Assets in the scope of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)

– Valuation of Fixed Assets in Company Units

– All Appraisal Services Needed in Legal and Litigation Issuess

– A Certain Historical Revaluation Service

– SGK – Appraisal Service for Use in Tax Office Agreements

– Inheritance Share Valuation Services

– Tax Dispute Valuation Service

– Property Management

– Rent Value Determinations

– Location Selection and Branch Buying / Selling, Finding Lease Value of Organizations with Common Dealership Network

– Evaluation of Real Estates to be Mortgaged to the Institutions and Organizations Requiring Security

– Valuation of Real Estate to be Portfolio of Barter Companies

– Valuation of REIT Portfolios

– Project Honoring Projects, Construction Progress Reports

– Valuation Reports of Real Estate for Tender

– Valuation of Qualified Real Estate

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