Feasibility – Highest and Best Use Analysis
Fizibilite - Feasibility

The feasibility reports are produced by a team of experts who help domestic and foreign investors to choose the best and most appropriate investment in terms of showing the future outcomes of the investment options.

Report content; Investigation of the appropriateness of the investment options, the existing development situation, the requirements of the zone and the structure of the zone, the future projections, and the determination of the best utilization of the existing tissue in financial and functional terms.

Feasibility Report Phase Main Headings

  • Performing SWOT analyzes of the region
  • Determination of the character of regional structure texture
  • Deterination of competitive usage patterns
  • Determination of the best and most efficient use purpose
  • Identification of reconstruction status and possible plan modifications
  • Project development and cost analysis on land parcels according to the status of construction
  • Estimation of investment value by processing the data with a certain time projection
  • Completion of reporting

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