Machine – Equipment Valuation

Machine – Equipment Valuation

Our excellence policy in the field of machine evaluation is supported by a good research and strict control mechanism at every stage of the machine engineers who have the certificate of expertise given by the Capital Markets Authority. Accurate calculation of industrial asset values and used machine values is an important step in all business processes. Ensure that you receive sufficient expert support on valuations made on an industrial site.

The valuation of industrial assets is necessary for some commercial purposes. The industrial valuation and valuation process can be done for any of the following purposes:

-Accounting Requirements

– Asset Transfer or Reconfiguration

– Sales or purchase of assets

– Bankruptcy Terms

– Union or Division

– Tax Planning

– Financing or Leasing

– Insurance Conditions

– Legal Terms or Events

– Mergers and acquisitions can be listed for many purposes.

We also make high quality valuations for your used industrial assets. We are able to accurately value the value of your extensive database, used machinery and industrial assets according to international valuation standards. Our valuation work on this page is extremely accurate, fast and economical. We can tailor our valuation studies to your intended use and add various values:

– Fair Market-Market Value

– Regular Liquidation Value

– Mandatory Liquidation Value (usually named as Tender Value)

– Replacement cost of the used asset

– New Cost of Comparable Assets

Since 2007, Excellence continues to stand behind every assessment we give. Whether you need to evaluate a machine or a facility, we have the ability, the staff and the expertise to perform at the highest level for you and your company.

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