Real Estate Valuation (Appraisal)

Real Estate Valuation (Appraisal):

Güneybatı Real Estate Appraisal and Consulting Inc. Providing professional real estate appraisal services with CMB and BRSA License.

Real Estate Appraisal is the determination of the value of the rights and benefits that a real estate or real estate project has when it is subject to the purchase and sale process by the experts who know the market conditions.

Real Estate Experts are at least four-year university graduates in urban planning, economics, architecture, civil engineering, machinery engineering, business administration, economics master sciences.

Appraisers are required to have at least 3 years of experience or training in order to be able to use the licenses they are entitled to receive. Experts must be those who respect the principles of impartiality, objectivity, reliability and independence within the framework of legal regulations.

Since each region has different characteristic features, it is inevitable to have specialists in different areas according to the regional specialization and immovable property such as housing, industry, trade, tourism.

Considering the social structure, inflation and interest rates declined over time, causing a decrease in demand for deposits and treasury bills, and a rise in demand for stocks and real estate, despite the fact that investment instruments such as interest and repo have been used up to this date in Turkey.

In our country, particularly since the last quarter of 2004, the belief that the stability in the economy will continue, banks’ interest rates on housing loans and the increase of their deposits have significantly increased the demand for housing loans and accordingly the real estate sector has been moving. When the supply of real estate is inadequate in response to demand, major construction companies have begun to offer pajamas by developing new housing projects. The development of the real estate sector has caused immovable property to take an important place in the economy and the factors such as the search for real value, the purchase and sale transfer and the price determination in the swaps and the analysis of the bank assets according to the objective criteria in connection with the restructuring in the financial sector; The importance of the reports prepared by experts, impartial, reliable companies and experts and reflecting the true value of assets.

The CMB has issued two communiqués, including regulations on valuation expertise and the valuation company (Licensing and Valuation Companies) and issued its communiqués in the Official Gazette and put into effect in August 2001.

In these two communiqués, “Licensing Communiqué”, exams to be conducted in order to determine the professional qualifications, knowledge and skills of professional staffs and managers working in the field of capital markets and real estate appraisal companies, licenses to show their professional qualifications according to their specialization fields, And the procedures and principles regarding registering and registering programs. The CMB has opened Licensing Exams and licensed Vocational Specialists in order to receive this notification.

The second communiqué defines “Valuation Companies”. In the Communiqué, the principles related to the valuation and valuation companies’ activities are defined. The qualifications of the appraisers, the definition of the concept of independence, the works the appraisers can do and the things they can not do are clearly described within the framework of these communiqués.

The properties included in the scope of real estate appraisal;


  • Valuation of Special Qualified Immovables
  • Villas, Mansion and Historical Properties,
  • Tourism Facilities,
  • Holiday villagers, Hotels, Motels, Hostels,
  • Camping and Recreation Facility,
  • Thermal Springs and Ilıca Facilities,
  • Golf Facilities,
  • Entertainment Facilities,
  • Land, Field and Similar Property Valuation,
  • Mall, Business Center, Outlet, Bazaar, Store Qualified Immovables,
  • Health Facilities,
  • Industrial Facilities,
  • Gas Stations,

  • Agricultural Facilities,
  • Sports Facilities,
  • Coastal Facilities,
  • Aquaculture Facilities,
  • Educational Institution Facilities,
  • Energy Production Facilities,
  • Housing Qualified Properties,
  • Rent Value Detection
  • Finding Top Value
  • Underground Resource Identification
  • Motorway Recreational Facilities
  • Student Dormitories
  • Logistic Functional Buildings

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