Rental Value Determination

Rental Value Determination

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Rental Value Determination report, is a real estate appraisal report that aims to determine fair rent value, which is created by using all the features and components of a leasehold property and its components by using scientific methods and expert opinions as a result of professional work done by real estate appraisers. These reports are used both before the first lease contract and when re-determining the rental price.

Güneybatı Real Estate Appraisal and Consultancy Inc. recommends that you obtain professional valuation services for all leases before the signing of contracts.

The value of a leased area can vary greatly over time, automatically in increases in living costs or generally in relation to fixed rental increases. For this reason, property owners and tenants agree to adjust the lease value based on a fair rate of lease increase, assuming that the rented property environment and physical conditions will not change for a long period of time, factors and mechanics (economic conditions, changes in environmental conditions, mortgage-based leases, rate of increase, turnover-based leases, etc.) applied in determining fair lease value will have an important effect on the lease amount. When negotiating for a fair market lease contract, each of these must be taken into consideration.

In general, rent-a-valuation will be based on the value of comparable land based on a comparable lease value or a depreciation rate based on sales prices. The use of comparable properties as natamas or as upgraded, the permits of the zoning plan in effect and other specific and formal restrictions will affect the value of the lease.

The property owner takes into account property values ​​that are the best and most profitable to use among comparable properties when making rental value benchmarking. However, the tenant will accept an advantageous lease value as a reference. As a result of the negotiations on these principles, the necessary commissions and deposits will be paid and the lease will be signed between the property owner and the tenant. There may be disagreements over the agreed rental price at any time after the lease’s realization. The reasons for these disagreements may be factors such as the economic situation of the country, the increase and decrease in value in the region where the rented property is located, and changes in the level of security. In this case, there should be a mechanism for re-establishing fair lease value among the parties with a good lease history.

This mechanism may be in the form of taking into account the recalculating rates with the items already added to the lease contract, but it emerges as a result of a professional review and evaluation by an impartial organization. If the contract is to reconsider a time item for rent determination, it must be specified in advance by whom.

Samples of Rental Value Determination:

  • Valuation of Special Qualified Properties
  • Yalı, Viila, Mansion and Historical Properties,
  • Holiday Villages, Golf Facilities, Hotels, Motels, Hostels, Thermal Springs and Hot Springs Facilities, Camping and Recreation Facilities such as Tourism Facilities, Entertainment Facilities,
  • Land, Field and Similar Property Valuation,
  • Mall, Business Center, Outlet, Bazaar, Store Qualified Immovables,
  • Health Facilities,
  • Industrial Facilities,
  • Gas Stations,
  • Agricultural Facilities,
  • Sports Facilities,
  • Coastal Facilities,
  • Aquaculture Facilities,
  • Educational Institution Facilities,
  • Energy Production Facilities,
  • Housing Skilled Properties,
  • Underground Resource Rights,
  • Motorway Recreational facilities,
  • Student Dormitories,
  • Logistics Functional Buildings.

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