Ship – Freighter Valuation

Ship – Freighter Valuation

Gemi Değerleme - Ship - Freighter Valuation

The value of a ship depends on its type, size, age, characteristics, and freight costs. These factors should be known for ship valuation and for comparison of all vessel sales used as data.

For this reason, it is a complete and accurate database containing ship and sales details. Güneybatı Real Estate Appraisal collects the results of the research with a team of expert experts in the field of ship valuation and manages all relevant data by not combining and testing these data. This data is supported by a network of experienced ship brokers who are constantly following the market.

Güneybatı Real Estate Appraisal is obliged to test and secure the validity of the aggregate data used in valuation.

The vessel database includes tankers with a capacity of over 1,000 DWT, load vessels over 500 TEU, gas, LNG / LPG shipping vessels over 100 CMB, bulgers above 20,000 DWT. AHTs over 100 BHP and Platform Support Vessels over 100 DWT (PSV). The comparison includes all floating facilities with IMO number and ships in construction stage.

The specific data recorded for each vessel consists of the following components:

  • IMO number
  • Current name and former names
  • Ship size (DWT, TEU, CBM and BHP)
  • Year of construction
  • Ship type (Bulker, Small Dry, Container, LNG, LPG, Tanker, Tanker and Small Offshore)
  • Shipyard and location
  • Classification
  • Operator
  • Certain features of the ship (gear, covering, lifting, heating, engine, ice class, tensile strength – BHP, deck area and stainless steel tanks)
  • AIS position and captain report information.

In newly constructed ships (often with delivery dates beyond a year to come), the exact nature of the built ship may not be known. In this case, valid identification can be made by taking into account the known size of the ship, year of construction, shipyard data and standard specifications. In case of construction progress, revaluations are made according to the definite designs and the added technical specifications.

Sales Database:

Güneybatı Real Estate Appraisal maintains a database of known and confirmed ship sales and sales negotiations. The information held is composed of the following:

  • Details per vesse
  • Buyers and sellers of the ballot
  • Learned price
  • Sell date
  • Certain sales conditions (e.g., sales and rental repayments, block sales and attached time guidelines)
  • Additional comments and evaluations (distressed or internal sales)
  • These definitions are fixed for each gem on the day of sale. This is because the changes made after the sale affect the price as a result of preventing an erroneous price.

Collection of Ship Data:

Ship data is collected by a team of data analysts who are a mixture of primary and secondary sources. The following data are used, including but not limited to:

  • 18 year credit rating derived from Seasure database, rental letters
  • Direct research with operators, intermediaries and other industrial experts,
  • Industry-specific research for detailed tanker information,
  • A global ship tracking service on IMO and MMSI number correspondence for precise information on the number of ships on water,
  • Publicly owned ship owner or operator web sites and fleet lists,
  • News publications and press releases,
  • AIS Suppliers
  • These ship data are sorted by analysis and categorization with sales data for advanced relational scope

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