What is the meaning of the Residential Appraisal Expert?

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3 May 2017
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27 May 2017

What is the meaning of the Residential Appraisal Expert?

Residential Appraisal Expert
“Residential Appraisal Expert” is the person who is successful in the examination of residential appraisal expertise opened by CMB (Capital Markets Board).

They must have completed the first year of the 3 years of experience required to obtain a real estate appraisal expertise license, if they have gained experience in the real estate appraisal activity for at least 1 year or if they are successful in the real estate appraisal expertise exam.

The Residential Appraisal License is a license document required only to prepare the appraisal report for residential properties.

To have this license;

  • Graduated from at least 4 year universities,
  • Having at least 1 year of professional experience,
  • To be successful in the Residential Appraisal Expert Exam or to be successful in the Real Estate Appraisal Expert Exam and to have one year experience.



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