What is the UAVT Code?

What is the Direct Capitalization Approach?
28 November 2017

What is the UAVT Code?

What is the UAVT Code?

The abbreviation UAVT consists of the initials of the National Address Database. With the date of March 1, 2013, unique code has defined for all households, offices, buildings, etc. registered in local governments throughout the country. This unique code consists of 10 digits.

The UAVT code will start to be used in many areas and will be started. It is extremely important to enter the correct UAVT code in the earthquake insurance policy that is currently mandated by the DASK (Natural Disaster Insurance Agency).

In recent years, it has become compulsory to enter the correct UAVT number in the content of the Real Estate Appraisal Reports for real estates accepted as hypothec by financial institutions.

It is possible to learn your UAVT code from mayors, mukhtars and population administrations in the city where the real estate is located, and also online on the internet.

You can easily access your code by entering the necessary information from the link below:


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